Payment and delivery

The following terms and conditions apply:

Dispatch conditions

We deliver to Germany and most European countries

Dispatch costs

Our shipping and packaging costs are calculated based on the weight and destination country of the shipment. The shipping costs listed here already include the costs for packaging. 

Domestic deliveries (Germany): 

up to 30 kg each = Euro 14.00 (net)

Deliveries to European countries (30 kg shipping weight each):

Austria = Euro 22.00 (net)
Belgium = Euro 22.00 (net)
Bosnia and Herzegovina = Euro 84.00 (net, including customs)
Bulgaria = Euro 60.00 (net)
Croatia = Euro 41.00 (net)
Czech Republic = Euro 24.00 (net)
Denmark = Euro 24.00 (net)
Estonia = Euro 41.00 (net)
Finland = Euro 41.00 (net)
France = Euro 28.00 (net)
Greece = Euro 60.00 (net)
Great Britain = Euro 28.00 (net)
Hungary = euro 34.00 (net)
Ireland = Euro 34.00 (net)
Iceland = Euro 84.00 (net, including customs)
Italy = Euro 34.00 (net)
Latvia = Euro 41.00 (net)
Liechtenstein = Euro 50.00 (net, including customs)
Lithuania = Euro 41.00 (net)
Luxembourg = Euro 22.00 (net)
Monaco = Euro 28.00 (net)
Netherlands = Euro 22.00 (net)
Norway = Euro 67.00 (net, including customs)
Poland = Euro 34.00 (net)
Portugal = Euro 34.00 (net)
Romania = Euro 60.00 (net)
Spain = Euro 34.00 (net)
Sweden = Euro 34.00 (net)
Switzerland = Euro 50.00 (net, including customs)
Serbia = Euro 60.00 (net)
Slovakia = Euro 34.00 (net)
Slovenia = Euro 34.00 (net)

Terms of payment

For domestic deliveries (Germany) the following payment options are available:

Payment via credit card
Payment via PayPal
Payment by invoice
Payment via Sofort [immediate transfer]

In case of deliveries to a foreign country, you have the following payment options:

Payment via credit card
-  Payment via PayPal

Further details on payment


Payment by invoice is possible under the following condition:

by arrangement

The invoice amount is to be settled at the time of payment on invoice within 14 days.

Special agreements related to the offered payment methods

Validity check
If we pay in advance, e.g. when paying an invoice or a debit note, your data will be forwarded to Creditreform Düsseldorf, Heesenstr. 65, 40549 Düsseldorf, for a validity check using a mathematical-statistic process in order to safeguard our authorised interests. We reserve the right  to reject the mode of payment of an invoice or debit note on the basis of the results of the validity check.

In case of questions, please contact us at the contact details mentioned in the Legal Notice.