Forming the ideal job

Individual training for toolmakers

Heiligenhaus, 04.02.2014 – Currently, searching for suitable trainees is not an easy task for the German economy. The manufacturing industry, catering and trade deplore an increased lack of candidates. Especially enterprises training for their own professional needs strive for long-term commitment at the same time. This makes for an even more interesting recruiting process. A couple of days ago, a trainee with individual vocational training transferred to an employment relationship with the manufacturer of locks and mounting brackets, Steinbach & Vollmann in Heiligenhaus.

4619Kai Saschek from Heiligenhaus was looking for a diversified profession in the craft area. „I wanted to use my abilities and have fun in my work“, says Saschek. He achieved both. „Friends inspired me and I participated in a vocational preparation year at the Joint Industrial Training Workshop Velbert (GLW e.V.)“ It was an important insight into the fundamentals of the metalworking industry that led to his choice of profession in the end. In the past three and a half years he completed a specifically established dual training as a toolmaker in the area of stamping and mould building technology.

This rather uncommon combination of subjects was established for the first time following talks of the training enterprise with the Velbert Chamber of Industry and Commerce. After the first half of the training term, Mr Saschek switched in the practical lessons from the subject area of stamping to mould building technology. His training enterprise located at Parkstraße was very eager for the dual training. With the acquired know-how from the theoretical and in-company training course, the enterprise is expanding trained personnel for client-specific niche products.

4558The operative tasks of the 21-year old include first and foremost the production of machine tools. In his metalworking former training company, stamping and moulding tools for the production of semi-finished parts for locks and mounting brackets are required. When processing parts, highest precision and fine motor skills are a basic requirement for the expert, who has meanwhile finished his training. „In order to work in this profession, craftsmanship and the ability to work focussed and precisely in the micron range is required“ explains Kai Saschek. „Content-wise, I am interested in the complex manufacturing processes of tools and die casting moulds.“ Aided by computer- controlled milling and lathing machines, fittings for automatic series manufacturing are created. Reading and understanding of comprehensive technical drawings plays a major part in day-to-day professional work. The three-dimensional form of the tools establishes the need for a marked spatial imagination. A sense of order and organisation, mathematical skills and a highly developed sense of responsibility are further characteristics the young man brought with him to this state-recognised training profession.

What will the future be like? „I will remain with Steinbach & Vollmann in order to acquire practical experience“ says Kai Saschek. „My goal for the coming years is subject-specific further training“. He does have the best foundations for this in any case.