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New 2015 product catalogue for the sheet-metal processing industry

Steinbach & Vollmann is presenting a new and comprehensive catalogue for its products for the sheet-metal processing industry with quarter turns, swing handles, hinges and many other product areas. The 250-page product catalogue includes new and recognised solutions for the specialist sectors of the air-conditioning and electrical industry as well as for machine engineering, plant construction and the automotive industry. The catalogue is now available in German and English.

Compact product information

The catalogue contains an interesting product portfolio and is directed at Steinbach & Vollmann’s wide customer base, designers and developers as well as small and medium-sized companies in the sectors of mechanical engineering and construction. With more than 1,500 products on 250 pages, the optimised layout and the clear structure allow easy searching and navigation through the catalogue.

Knowing what the industry needs

Steinbach & Vollmann has had the know-how in many product technologies for decades. Steinbach & Vollmann has possessed expertise in numerous product technologies for many decades now. The experts at STUV work hand in hand with well-versed customers and competent material suppliers, from basic research and development through to manufacture and distribution. This results in the development of progressive products for innovative and safe lock technology and additional accessories for doors.

Customer-specific product development

The most important characteristic of Steinbach & Vollmann: the wide range of delivery options goes way beyond the articles shown in the catalogue. Our global customer base and the continuing strong demand for specialist articles mean that there are substantially more products on offer than are described in the printed catalogue. The sales and distribution team at Steinbach & Vollmann researches articles that correspond to each customer enquiry and investigates constructional and economic framework conditions affecting manufacture.

As one of the leading manufacturers in lock and fitting technology, STUV is always working on new applications and on meeting market requirements with interesting solutions. Learn about our wide range of products from the sectors of locks, closures, hinges and fittings.

The catalogue is available in printed form or as a PDF download on the homepage at www.stuv.de.

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