STUV Emergency Exit Lock in accordance with DIN EN 179

 Three locking points for optimum safety

Heiligenhaus, 16.01.2013 – When life-threatening situations occur in a building as a result of fire or other cause, every second counts when escaping. The use of commercial mortise locks is very risky in this situation as a locked door can only be opened via the profile cylinder or only with a critical time loss. The consequences can be disastrous. The European Standard DIN EN 179 was developed to avoid such situations and to allow people in concerned buildings simple escape routes. It applies to buildings in which there is no public traffic and whose visitors are familiar with the function of the escape route doors.

Steinbach & Vollmann has developed a lock with three latchbolts for emergency exit doors in service stations – e.g. wind turbines, gas, water and network stations, as well as base stations for mobile telephony. The pin diameter of 14 mm guarantees secure closure.  The emergency function guarantees unlatching and opening of the door from inside the building at any time.  A single press on the door handle suffices to activate the emergency function independent of the closure state. A key is not necessary.

Opening from the outside is, however only possible with a key used by authorised persons. Furthermore, the door is protected from the outside against vandalism by means of the optional use of a safety-tested swivelling lever in accordance with RC2.

The steel closure is designed for single-wing DIN doors opening outwards with max. 100kg door wing weight. The permissible door height lies between 2,011 and 2,520 mm. The maximum door width is determined at 1,932 mm.