New espagnolette bolt made out of stainless steel

Espagnolette bolt for the cooling and food industry

The new espagnolette bolt made out of stainless steel by the lock and fitting manufacturer Steinbach & Vollmann offers high quality material in combination with a plain and simple design.

Heiligenhaus, 06.11.2015 – Steinbach & Vollmann engineered a new espagnolette bolt to lock simple gates and to mount fixed leafs at double gates. The timeless design and the exquisite surface of the new stainless fitting makes it perfectly suitable for an application in the cooling and food industry. A professional workmanship and the applied material make the espagnolette bolt especially robust, stable and non-corrosive. These favourite requirements of manufacturers, who develop high quality door and gate products, are additionally supplemented through an integrated lever lock-in position.

The espagnolette bolt fits in with a square rod and has a stroke of 30 mm. The product is delivered with a base plate made out of stainless steel. During the engineering process the manufacturer paid a lot attention that the new product is compatible with previous models, thus a replacement is ensured without any problems. Furthermore STUV offers a complete repertoire of hinges for the modern door architecture which leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

Product Data Sheet