Securing Contemporary.
Certified according to VdS Class 2 / EN 1300 B.

Easy to operate

Operating the TULOX High Security Safe Locks is easy and convenient thanks to the optical and audible alarm. Especially helpful in companies and associations: depending on the software version you can apply up to 97 user in addition to the manager. Each individual user is authorised to create its own user code. It is also possible to benefit from the four-eyes principle by entering two codes in sequence. A low-battery-warning is standard in all product versions. After entering four denied codes the lock activates a time out.

The models

TULOX 100 (without display)

  • 6-figure code
  • optical and audible operator guidance
  • low-voltage alarm
  • 1 master and 1 user
  • opening delay up to 99 minutes
  • opening standby time up to 19 minutes
  • denied code time out after 4 false entries
  • further functions depending on flash version

TULOX 200 (with display)

  • additional functions to TULOX 100
  • 6- to 8-figure code
  • 1 master and up to 97 user
  • four-eyes principle
  • report information
  • time management
  • USB interface
  • language selection