Our definition of High Security

Best possible safety – Optimum ease of use

High-security locks from STUV have been constructed especially for use in penitentiary institutions, police facilities and forensic clinics.  These sectors require specially developed solutions due to the specific requirements on concept and technology. We have been in direct dialogue with planners, building owners and users for more than 50 years.  The result is a high-quality and individual product according to precise market requirement.


Our high-security locks for law enforcement are fitted with tumbler systems. The closing operation is conducted with a bit key. This technology is not strictly new. Tumbler locks, however, are one of the safest mechanical locking systems worldwide.  For this reason the vault and safe industry exclusively uses tumbler locks to this date.

Are profile cylinders not state-of-the art today?

We are asked this question over and over again. Our answer is a clear yes-and-no. The reason being that, as with any technology, it depends on the special purpose. Cylinder picking is very common. Information about how to open cylinders is freely accessible for anyone today. The details of tumbler technology are not widely known and also lie well protected and hardly accessible on the inside of the lock. Cylinders are also easier to manipulate. Even the smallest objects are sufficient to put a cylinder lock out of operation.

Re-settable locks

The paramount argument for the STUV tumbler technology is the capability of re-setting the locking pattern. In their delivery condition, all locks are prepared for up to nine locking patterns reserved for the customer.  Should a key get lost at the customer’s premises, a lock can be re-set to a new locking pattern within a few seconds.  It needs only two keys: one each key from the old and the new locking pattern.

Why is a resetting option important?

The relevance of the resetting capability becomes evident particularly in law enforcement facilities which do not employ this technology. This is the case in a few European countries.  All locks had to be exchanged in several penitentiary institutions. In one case in Great Britain (2011) the facility had only been in operation four weeks.  With the size of today’s institutions, we’re looking at investments in the range of approx. half a million Euros in the case of an accident. A lot of money for a lost key.

Cylinder locks do theoretically offer the capability of re-pinning. But this needs fast action if the key is lost. It is therefore possible for two officers to re-code a complete institution fitted with STUV tumbler locks in a single night.

Do you have further questions about the technology? Please do not hesitate to contact us personally, by telephone or via email. We look forward to hearing from you!