STUV to Supply Locking Systems to Bavarian Prisons

Locks and control technology for the cities of Gablingen and Regensburg

Heiligenhaus, 28.07.2015 – A new construction project and extension are underscoring the Bavarian Ministry of Justice’s demands for secure, modern prisons. State of the art mechanical and electronic high security locks will be contributing to security at the spacious facilities. Steinbach & Vollmann will also supply and install the complex control technology at the same time.

Augsburg-Gablingen prison has almost completed 609 new detention cells

Germany’s newest prison is expected to start operations this year and replace the previous prison in Karmelitengasse in Augsburg. With roughly 21,000 sq. metres of usable space, the new construction project is currently being built on the site of a former airport, roughly 10 km north of Augsburg. Four accommodation buildings in a Y-shape will be built in addition to external walls, guard gates and utility buildings. These buildings will house 609 detention cells and an integrated health care facility.

The detention cells, access doors and main entrances to the buildings will contain mechanical and electronic high security locks (HSL) made by Steinbach & Vollmann. Their operation will depend on the type of lock and whether mechanical keys or electronic transponders are used. In addition, the company from Heiligenhaus will also perform the planning, installation and activation of the digital bus control system. Its dimension will extend from individual operating consoles for security doors to administrative transponder management and process management for all integrated locks in the security centre. The overall cost of the construction project will amount to some 101 million euros.

JVA Gablingen

Institute Director Zoraida Maldonado de Landauer in a single cell in the new building of correctional AugsburgGablingen (Bavaria)
picture alliance / dpa

Secure in Regensburg: prison will be significantly extended and refurbished

Regensburg prison is located in listed buildings from the turn of the century in 1900. In two construction stages, a custody building, among other things, will be built on the adjacent site of former commercial buildings in the direct vicinity of the court buildings, which will fulfil the requirements of a modern penal system. The first stage of construction will also include building a new operations building with all the infrastructure equipment necessary for the operation of a prison. This includes prison work facilities, a large kitchen, dining hall and technical rooms. A new external security wall will enclose the extended property to the west.

The new construction of a west wing with the corresponding administrative and visitor areas as well as entry and exit sections will enclose the existing historical buildings to the west and will be connected to the operations building with an underground tunnel. The prison will have an occupancy capacity of 324 detention cells (current capacity 256 cells) when construction ends as scheduled in 2019.

Steinbach & Vollmann GmbH & Co. KG will supply and install HSL-type mechanical and electronic high security locks as well as a digital control system with control consoles for the motorised locks in the security doors and access doors.

The overall cost of the construction project will amount to some 33.5 million euros.

Wittlich prison extension

The Ministry of Justice is also building in North Rhine-Westphalia. Wittlich prison will inaugurate their new service building on 1 August 2015. After a construction period of four years, up to 2,000 meals, 800 loaves of bread and five to seven tons of laundry will be processed in the new building on the prison property. As in the newly constructed prison and young offenders’ institution (2006 – 2009), high security locks from Steinbach & Vollmann will also be used in the extension, which will cost 24 million euros.